Bnsf Safety Summit Agreement

The BNSF also informed the Grand Committee that it wanted to make changes to the agreement on the security summit. The working relationships were briefly detailed in their first submission, but details are expected to be available in the very near future. Safety is a top priority for the general committee, which is why the Chairman, Mike LaPresta, is curious about what BNSF intends to bring to this agreement. BNSF submitted to the grand commission a couple of article IX communications. Potentially affected races are Kansas City to Tulsa, which bypass Ft Scott and Alliance to Amarillo and bypass Childress. The General Committee is in ongoing discussions with labour relations and members are updated when there is information to be made. May has arrived and spring is in the air. With the change of season, communications came from BNSF laboratory relations and General President Mike LaPresta and the General Committee will be working this month on a number of important topics.