Special Agreement Adalah

3 With the exception of the 17 cases in Footnote 2, which were brought by the meaning of a particular agreement, all the cases in issue were brought before the Court by an application to open proceedings, whether the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice was based on a provision of a treaty or convention, declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice as mandatory. , by each of the litigants or any other presumed form of consent. The heart of this decision is not as indicated, while the State must look after the environment, economic development or even the presence of people on an isolated island to show effective occupation, but the most important is whether there is a legal agreement or legal instrument, regulation or other administrative activities on the island, regardless of the content of its activities. This decision is also not of legal importance for the development of Malaysian-led holiday resorts after 1969, as well as for the fishing activities of Indonesian fishermen, which are not based on legislation. Article 36, paragraph 1, of the Statute also provides that the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice covers all matters specifically provided for by the existing treaties and conventions. These questions are generally brought before the Court of Justice by a written motion to open the proceedings3; It is a unilateral document that must indicate the purpose of the dispute and the parties (status, Article 40, paragraph 1) and, where possible, indicate the provision under which the applicant has established the jurisdiction of the Court (rules, Article 38). A special agreement is a procedural requirement that allows a court to be competent in a case brought before an international tribunal. The main problem with the special agreement is that the International Court of Justice can rule on a tribunal based on treaties, historical facts and evidence provided by Indonesia and Malaysia to the Court. The special agreement also lists the willingness of both countries to accept the jury`s decision with great heart and to accept it as a final and binding decision. [2] b. Malaysia provided evidence in the form of evidence of English law, namely the Turtle Preservation Ordinance 1917; Allow Sipadan Ligitan fishing boat area; Regulation of the ornithological reserve in 1933 and the construction of torches in 1962 and 1963.

They were all legal products of the British colonial government, not Malaysia. When special agreements are invoked, members will find the collective agreement in the rules library of the members` portal. Section 60 of the statute provides that in the event of a dispute over the meaning or scope of a judgment, the Court will stop it at the request of a party. The motion for interpretation can be made either by a particular agreement between the parties or by a request from one or more parties (rules, art.