Toyota Agreement Cancellation Request

Cookies Tags pixels. However, the technologies used on platforms to collect user information, including device identifiers, are not limited to: cookies (data files stored on a device when it is used to visit platforms), mobile analytics software and pixel tags (transparent graphics, sometimes called beacons or tracking tags, placed on a website or in an email, indicating that a page or email has been posted). Cookies can also be used to connect to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and you can activate. B the interaction between your activities on the platforms and your activities on these social networking sites. We or our suppliers may place cookies or similar files on your device for security reasons to make it easier to navigate the site and personalize your experience when visiting our platforms (for example. B if we can choose which ads or offers best suit you, based on your interests, preferences, location or demographic information). Please note that merchant associations may place cookies or similar files on your device to customize your experience on their websites, including A pixel tag can tell your browser to retrieve content from another server. For more information about Toyota or to register as a journalist and access the contact information of our public affairs team, log in to You can cancel your AUV within 30 days for a full refund, minus the $50 processing fee. The pro-rata refund is made after 30 days or at the time of payment of the fee. Please contact your dealer for status-specific cancellation terms.

If you are a California consumer, you may have the right to ask Toyota for information about the personal data we have collected, used, disclosed or sold about you in the previous 12 months. As soon as we receive your request and verify your identity, we insert you: Non-compliance: Some buyers discover that an expanded warranty has slipped into their car financing contract without their knowledge or consent. Then, the term of the loan is extended to cover up the additional expenses. Present your service contract to your repairer/dealer if you are requesting repairs on your vehicle. (d) Comprehensive agreement: These terms represent the comprehensive and exclusive agreement between you and us on the websites and replace all previous agreements and agreements regarding the purpose of these Terms. If you are a California consumer, you may have the right to require Toyota to have some of your personal data collected deleted. However, this right to delete does not apply to your personal data that is exempted under the CCAC (as described below).