Ua Housing Agreement

You are supposed to enter into the roommate contract with your roommates or roommates in the first few weeks of the semester. The agreement can be renegotiated all year round; However, the violation of the terms of this agreement may lead to a reassignment to another room or residence. If you have any questions about the roommate agreement, please contact your resident assistant. If you have already signed a housing contract and do not reside on campus, submit a contractshare application. The process is the same for current residents and arriving students. A shared life agreement identifies the issues that frequently arise among roommates and outlines specific notions of cohabitation. The agreement also helps you determine how you want to solve these problems. It`s a useful tool that will help you get to know your roommate better and set mutual expectations. The agreement promotes communication, persuasiveness and compromise, all of which are essential for successful relationships with roommates. It is important to be very detailed in considering the themes of the co-location agreement and to document the discussion with precision for all parties involved. The housing contract you have signed is for the academic year. Please read your licensing agreement for factors and penalties and contact Housing – Residential Life for more information. All complaints about the termination of a housing contract for reasons other than those described in the licensing agreement must be filed in writing for review by the Housing Contracts Appeal Board.

This committee consists mainly of professors and collaborators from outside Housing – Residential Life. Contract claims are only taken into account after you have sought to help your community director solve the problem, and all other less extreme options have been exhausted – including transfer to another room, room type, dorm or apartment. 4.02 Students of the legal drinking age: students aged 21 and over are allowed to consume alcohol in their individual rooms and cannot provide alcohol to anyone under the legal age. Residents may not keep alcohol in common premises accessible to minors, with open alcohol tanks in common areas and reception halls, or with common sources of alcohol, including barrels, punch bowls and alcohol-containing coolers. If you complete your housing contract and you do not have a fee on your AU account, if you submit a housing cancellation form, you will receive your housing deposit. 1.01 Visitor/Visit: Access to residences on campus is limited to building occupants. Traditional style rooms should not have more than one visitor per capita at a time (i.e. a maximum of 4 people – 2 people and 2 guests).

Suite and apartment-style rooms should not have more than one visitor per capita at a time (a maximum of 8 people – 4 people and 4 people). Everyone in a room must be a current resident of the building. If you wish to cancel your application for accommodation, please file an apartment cancellation form on the apartment gate. You may lose your deposit and you may be subject to a room fee. You can find more information in your housing contract. In rare cases, after moving into campus housing, a student encounters an extreme, unpredictable and uncontrollable problem that affects his or her ability to continue living in campus housing and for which housing -residential life cannot offer a reasonable/alternative solution in campus residences. The nature of these problems is usually medical, psychological and/or financial. Life on campus begins with a housing contract.

Check out the prices and moving dates here. Please note that while we do our best not to move residents after we assign them, situations out of our control can lead to changing your task.